The ultimate immersive connection experience. Connect and unwind in breathtaking high-definition clarity. Our bespoke Jetstream™ first class connectivity configured with intuitive 4k touchscreen hardware and AI sensing camera.

Your First Class package includes:
  • All Jetstream business class features PLUS
  • Integrated software & hardware solution tailored to your home office or home theatre
  • 4K video telepresence cameras and screens
  • Acoustic room sensing
  • Artificial Intelligence, audience, and room control
  • A Jetstream fibre connection, secured at your home and from the cloud 24/7
  • Priority 72 hour replacement hardware service for on-site meeting availability assurance

Jetstream™ First Class package includes fibre connection, Cisco MX64W and Cisco Webex Desk Pro. Add 4/5G failover on request.

Jetstream First Class Suite

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